The Wanton Seed

   The distinctive voices and musicianship of Jim Causley, Bryony Griffith, Jackie Oates and Paul Sartin come together to present a concert of songs celebrating   the reissue of the song books Marrowbones (EFDSS 2007) and The Wanton Seed (2015) and mark the launch of ‘Southern Harvest’ the new omnibus edition of The Foggy Dew and The Constant Lovers, edited by Steve Gardham and published by Francis Boutle Publishers in association with The South Riding Folk Network.

   This concludes a decade of work to revise and update the original, influential series of the 60s and 70s edited by the late Frank Purslow who selected songs from the early manuscript collections of The Hammond Brothers in Dorset and Dr George Gardiner in Hampshire, which are among the most important nineteenth century collections of English folk song.


 A bit of background:

The whole idea to publish the new editions was by EFDSS and Malcolm Douglas was asked to do the editing. Once he saw the size of the task he asked Steve Gardham to join him to work together on it. This was before any of the manuscripts were available on the internet. They both spent two weeks together at the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library at Cecil Sharp House in London working on the manuscripts and the result was the new edition of Marrow Bones in 2007.

The next volume up was The Wanton Seed and Steve decided to drop out to work on other projects like the Yorkshire Garland website, so Malcolm made a start on his own. Then tragedy struck as Malcolm was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away in 2009. Out of respect for Malcolm, Steve decided to take over the editing. Having completed the volume, EFDSS passed the print-ready volume through various editors’ hands, resulting in it sitting on the shelf for several years until the South Riding Folk Network, under the leadership of Ron and Jenny Day, decided to see the volume through the publishing process in memory of Malcolm. A subscription was raised and Clive Boutle of Francis Boutle Publishers published the book in 2015.

Both books had been successful so the editing team now established decided to put the other two smaller volumes, The Constant Lovers and The Foggy Dew, together as an omnibus edition titled ‘Southern Harvest’. This final volume contains biographies of some of the more prolific singers from whom the songs were first collected over 100 years ago.

The current gigs are an opportunity to promote the final volume, celebrate the whole series and keep the songs alive!

With special thanks to everyone on the team:

Ron and Jenny Day at South Riding Folk Network, Steve Gardham, Graham Pratt, Nick Dow, Bob Askew, Tim Radford, Steve Jordan, Clive Boutle