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EFDSS blog ‘The Fear of Singing’ by Bryony Griffith

The voice is a very personal thing. It doesn’t take much to discourage a budding singer. One comment can be all it takes to stop someone from daring to open their mouths and sing a note again, especially when we see television judging panels actively encouraging us to laugh at people’s efforts.

As we get older, we grow conscious of the noise we make and when we hear other people commenting on what is a good voice or not, we realise that perhaps ours isn’t. Everyone can sing, but not everybody makes a noise that people want to hear. I was always encouraged to sing at school and church because I was loud and could hold a pitch, but as I got older, I realised my voice didn’t fit in with the popular ‘girlie’ voice. After a woman at church asked if I had the “more boyish” voice in a duet I sang with my friend, I refused to sing publicly for a long time afterwards. I was gradually coaxed back into it and since then, critics have been both kind and cruel, but human nature usually dictates that we harbour the negative comments and it’s difficult to shake them off.


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