Best Albums of 2018 – Folk Radio UK

‘Hover’ has been included in this fine list of the top 100 folk albums at Folk radio UK!

Welcome to Part 3 of our Best Folk Albums of 2018. The purpose of this list is not just to highlight what I may consider the best but also to share with you a journey through the year. The albums I’ve chosen range from the experimental through to the traditional and in many ways reflects the breadth of what we cover on Folk Radio UK. This is just a small part of a much bigger journey but it’s one I hope you enjoy us sharing with you.” Alex Gallacher, Editor, Folk Radio UK

“At last, we are getting English fiddlers who are thinking about their music and employing sound bowing and fingering techniques that are their own and are happy in the tradition. One of the very finest is Bryony Griffith who has made a very important CD that shows what can be done both with playing and a sensitive accompaniment (by Ian Stephenson on guitar and bass) used sparingly and carefully and never distracting the ear from the fiddle playing. There are no ‘buts’ about this album. It is the finest CD of English fiddling I have heard and I enjoyed ALL aspects of it. It is such an outstanding and major contribution to English fiddle playing that it should be heard throughout the land and considered the high water mark of England’s music.” Joe Crane review for Folk radio UK