Mojo Music Magazine – Colin Irwin

4th September, 2018

Sometimes, a humble solo fiddler is all you need. One of The Demon Barbers, Bryony Griffith’s “traditional tunes for an English fiddle player”, is sublime. From the opening Morris tune, Constant Billy, through a broad gamut of hornpipes and jigs, her touch and tone is almost an affirmation of time-honoured Read More

Folk Radio UK review by Joe Crane

17th July, 2018

“It is such an outstanding and major contribution to English fiddle playing that it should be heard throughout the land and considered the high water mark of England’s music.”   In recent times English fiddling has started to revive after so long being submerged underneath concertinas and melodeons. Though Northumberland Read More

Tykes News review by Mary Humphreys

17th July, 2018

This is a purely instrumental album of a wonderful variety of tunes from the (mainly) English tradition. Bryony is joined in a beautifully unobtrusive fashion by Ian Stephenson on guitar and double bass on some tracks. Ian is also responsible for recording, mixing and mastering of the album. Multi-tasking of Read More review by Dai Jeffries

17th July, 2018

It’s funny how things go but there seems to something of a resurgence in English fiddle music at the moment. Hover is Bryony’s second solo album although these are in addition to her work with The Witches Of Elswick, partner Will Hampson and The Demon Barbers. Although mostly solo, Ian Read More

fRoots Review

1st January, 2015

The Demon Barbers’ demon fiddler returns to the recording front (after 2011’s Lady Diamond duo venture with husband Will Hampson) with a true solo album indelibly stamped with her feisty presence. Bryony only departs from the solo performance mode on three tracks where she engages guitarist Jack Rutter as accompanist Read More

Maverick Review

1st January, 2015

Exceptionally talented fiddler’s debut solo release Fiddle music isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure, but even the most hardened sceptic can’t fail to be moved by some of the tracks on NIGHTSHADE, the debut solo release by renowned Yorkshire fiddle player Bryony Griffith. I can’t profess to be an expert Read More

R2 Review

29th December, 2014

Nightshade ***** I’ll confess that I approached this album without the slightest hint of impartiality, as I rate Bryony Griffith as one of the outstanding singers of the current crop. She shone in The Witches Of Elswick, is a key component of the mighty Demon Barbers’ sound, and Lady Diamond, Read More

Tykes News Review

29th December, 2014

‘Nightshade* Bryony Griffith Surprisingly for someone with such a long recording career, this is Bryony’s solo debut. It is a very conscious departure from her previous releases. Previously the focus has been on vocals (Witches), accompaniment (duo al­bum with) or simply rock­ing (Demon Barbers). Here the emphasis is most definitely Read More

Songlines review

29th December, 2014

Demon fiddler cuts it all back This is one of the most spare recordings I have heard in some time. It is, very simply, fiddler Bryony Griffith playing traditional dance tunes and self-penned instrumentals (mostly written for friends’ weddings) alongside four traditional songs. The only accompaniment is some unobtrusive guitar Read More

Fatea Review

27th November, 2014

“Nightshade” is Bryony Griffith’s first album in entirely her own name, though she does already have an album out with partner Will Hampson and as part the Demon Barbers in their various guises. As with “Lady Diamond” the album she recorded with Will, “Nightshade” is an album that showcases folk Read More